Legendary Beauty

Sculpting for a purpose

Promoting the humanities through art

My story

Rodin’s work captivated me when I was in my teens. The sculpture, She Who Was The Helmet Maker’s Beautiful Wife”, was the most stunning work of art I had ever seen. This was the beginning of my lifelong love of sculpture. I was apprenticed for four years under Milba Lloyd, a professional sculptor who
received her training at the Royal Academy School in London. I continued with college classes and
several Master Sculptor workshops at Brookgreen Gardens in S.C. 

Dr. Rosalind franklin

Using photographs from books, Lynn created a life-size bust of Dr. Rosalind Franklin, (1920-1958), a British chemist and X-ray crystallographer, who worked at King's College in London. Dr. Franklin, photographed the Helix structure of DNA, and discovered the secret of life. Mr. Sidney Colen, Developer f Top of the World in Ocala, Fl., had never met Dr. Franklin, but was a great admirer of her brilliance n a predominantly male world of science. Lynn was commissioned by Mr. Colen to create the sculpture for his beautiful Shalom Park, above his community. The Sculpture was to be cast for bronze, and installed in the park, but Mr. Colen passed away before this could be fulfilled. In 2015, Lynn received an Honora le Mention from the Portrait Society of America, for the sculpture of Dr. Franklin. There are 3,100 National and International members, and 1,034 entries for this competition. Nicole Kidman recently portrayed Dr. Franklin on the London stage in a play called "Photograph 51". There are three bronze sculptures of Lynn's sculptures of Mother Teresa on permanent exhibit at Thomas Aquinas College, anta Paula, CA., San Lorenzo Seminary, Santa Ynez Valley, CA., and the Cathedral of Hope, Dalla TX.